Win Loss Win Loss
Total Member Loss(MYR) Total Active Member Commission Rate
≥ 1 ≥ 3 30%
≥ 20,000 ≥ 5 35%
≥ 300,000 ≥ 5 40%
Commission Formula:
Member's profit / loss
Bonus / Rebate
Member's profit / loss
Member's profit / loss
x 40
= Commission
* Expenses will be deducted from the commission by the end of the month. These costs may include the following:
【Promotion bonus】- Bonuses or rebates to members of partners
【System fees】- Operating expenses account for 5% of the company's profit / loss
【Financial fees】- Expenses for deposit and withdraw money of members
Excellent commission plan increases your income
  • HFIVE5's commission plan depends on the net loss of all active members you recommend to hfive5sgd5.com
  • With at least 3 active members (members must place bets at least once a month), you have the right to start earning commissions.
  • 30-40% of the member's net loss is your commission.
  • Lottery not calculated in affiliate commission.
  • We monitor the performance of our members and may contact you directly to increase the commission rate.
  • Negative income in any month will be carried forward to the next month.
  • All partners are responsible for the marketing expenses incurred by the members you recommend to play with HFIVE5.
Commission Payment Method
  • All affiliate commissions will be paid in the SGD currency. hfive5sgd5.com
  • Minimum payout amount is SGD 30 to take effect. Amounts below this threshold will be carried forward to the next month.
  • The commission will be deposited into your bank account within 5-7 working days after the withdrawal request is submitted.
  • We only provide one payout at the beginning of each month. While we offer free transfers, but we are not liable if the financial institution deducts any final fees.
  • We have the right to change the affiliate commission percentage and how to calculate the commission as we needed.
  • HFIVE5 reserves the right to change, modify and add any of the above terms as we deem appropriate.
  • HFIVE5 reserves the right to cancel the affiliate account at any time.In case of partner's performance did not reach our quota within the specified period.
联盟计划 | 常问问题
HFIVE5 佣金计划是一个加盟计划,通过它您可以根据您推荐给 hfive5sgd.com 的每个会员的净损失和活跃会员总数来赚取佣金。
要加入我们的加盟计划,只需在我们的网站上填写注册表,我们的加盟计划经理将在 3 个工作日内与您联系,告知您是否接受该计划。
注册 HFIVE5 加盟计划是完全免费的。
加盟成员不得使用会员帐户下注。 加盟成员需要注册和使用不属于会员的帐户才能下注。
HFIVE5 的加盟团队每天 24 小时为您服务,我们每天 24 小时为您提供在线统计数据。 使用您的用户名和密码登录我们的安全联盟统计界面页面,查看您的收入和其他相关统计信息。
佣金将在大约 5-7 个工作日内每月支付给您。 从每个月底开始。
The minimum withdrawal request is :currency 1000.


如果 1 月份您的会员帐户以 -:currency 1000 结尾,则此金额将结转至 2 月份

如果您的会员账户在 2 月底赚取 :currency 1000,则总余额将为 :currency 2000(:currency 3000 减去 -:currency 1000)。 但是,如果您的账户在 2 月底仍然亏损,例如 -:currency 500,那么它将被添加到之前的负数中并结转至 3 月,从而使您的 3 月余额结转为 -:currency 1500。 赚取的佣金将按比例支付。